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Living relationships between citizens of different nations are and will remain the key to a peaceful future, and form the basis for a united Europe through its values and understanding of each other.

It is my belief that town twinning can help a lot. Enhanced co-operation on the basis of partnership will allow European citizens to gain a better view and opinion about the European Union and our common Europe than it is today.

The time has come to stand up for our Europe!

Jürgen Gruber
Founder - EU 4 YOU

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The tasks and priorities of EUROPE 4 YOU are based on the EU program "Europe for Citizens 2014 to 2020" with the funding areas "European Historical Awareness" and "Democratic Engagement and Participation". This funding area is divided into three measures:

Town twinning
Networks of town twinning
Civil Society Projects

After the founding of the first association in Austria as national umbrella organization, it is planned to found further associations in all EU member states. With a Europe-wide umbrella organization, common goals are then implemented.


Renewal of the town twinning concept, conceived after the Second World War in 1947, which has undoubtedly promoted the friendship and understanding between the formerly warring states, but also supported trade and tourism.

For a variety of reasons, the number of twinning across Europe is stagnating. Core task of EU 4 YOU is to counteract and to generate growth.

In addition to artistic projects on the topic of town twinning, projects with a historical context are planned as well as a cooperation with a hotel association.

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EUROPE 4 YOU sees itself as an interface between cities and communities, schools, associations, other public institutions, the economy and citizens.

EU 4 YOU will help to optimize existing subsidies and grants in order to make them tangible and visible. Many subsidies find no understanding or are not even recognized as such. We want to help identify what funding is available, how to apply for it, and where it makes sense to suggest optimization.

We want to develop new subsidies and opportunities for grants that include acceptance, purpose and benefits for citizens so that they can be understood.

Our objectives

Our major common objectives

The doubling of existing town twinning in the 27 Member States of the European Union over a period of 5 years. Only with active support of individual governments, the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament can we successfully realize our dedicated goal together for the future of Europe.

Extended goals of EUROPE 4 YOU

Creating of new town twinning not only within the European Union, but also and especially with Africa, and the whole world.

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